Buzzy Tee
Buzzy tee
General Information
Age 12
Home District 3
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Stinger, awl, acid poo
Fate Currently alive
Appearance The 94th Hunger Games

Buzzy Tee is the District 3 male in The 94th Hunger Games. His district partner is Minevra Cloud. He is currently participating, therefore his placement is unknown.


Buzzy is very crazy since he is haft Mutt half Human. Every time Buzzy would see a person he would start to sting them, but his mom would always put him on a leash because she does not want Buzzy to kill anyone since he already killed his uncle Bob and his family but if his mom try to stop Buzzy, he would try to kill her, sting her, or poop on her (His poop is Toxic). So Buzzy is not really a people person. Buzzy is also a bloodthisty bee because if he stings like a cute baby or a child he would not care if he stung anyone but rarely he would hate himself her stinging and killing a person but when you dig deeper a bit, Buzzy is a really nice bee and he would do anything to protect that person.


Well Buzzy looks like, well, a bee. Buzzy has honey yellow eyes most people don't have that color for their eyes but Buzzy does since he is half bee of course he has Black and yellow short hair but there like specks since he barely does not have any hair, He also is fat like a bee so he can't move his body unless he uses his wings too fly also he has specks of Black and yellow hair around his body like another Bee has and finally he has tiny wings but he can still fly perfectly.